Top 7 Embarrassing Songs Featuring... Goris!

Monday, February 8, 2010
If you've watched enough commercial Indian films of the more silly variety, you know that there seems to be the irresistible urge to feature pale-skinned western goris to "spice up" or "internationalize" the appearance of songs. Generally, the girls are given the skimpiest of outfits and usually look quite terrible- little makeup, bad hair dye. Can't they give these girls decent clothing and styling? I think it's all quite hilarious and often wonder what these girls thought during the whole process. The stereotype of promiscuous, value-less, lacking in grace western women lives on! ;)

Here are the top seven embarrassing, cringe-worthy songs featuring white gals that I've come across. I know there are more! Know of any others? Enjoy!

1. Yaari Singari from Thotti Jaya (Tamil)
Without a doubt the mother of all embarrassing gori songs. The best part has to be the little shimmylicious interlude in the middle. I love how Linda Arsenio's idea of dancing sexy in an "eastern" film is to do the most cheesified cliched bellydance moves and wrist twirls. She's probably like the many other westerners who think that belly dancing originated in India. It's all one big middle-eastern/south-asian blob anyway, right?! :) Enjoy the healthy dollups of pelvic thrusts and not-quite ballet leg-lifts. I dare you to make it through the whole song...

2. Where Is The Party from Silambattam (Tamil)
The second-half goris are the best here- Do these girls know they are wearing men's south-indian dhotis? They been made to look like wasted, sweaty, tweaked-out hyperactive drug-addicts so maybe there's no point in asking. I'm amused that the only dancing these western gals are asked to do are lame ballet twirls and kicks. It's a recurring theme in gori songs. Did they come up with the moves all by themselves? ;) If you're feeling nauseous after being forced to repeatedly gaze at Simbu's sweaty nether regions, I excuse you to the bathroom...

3. Promo from 10:10 (Bengali)

This isn't from a film per se, but rather a promo/teaser for the Bengali film 10:10. It's supposed to be funny... I hope. All I can think is that a certain someone needs some well-placed support for her... assets. Oh, her name is Claudia Ciesla. :)

4. Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakati (Tamil)
All the white chicks here look either strung-out or in bad need of a hair appointment. The best parts are when the gaggle of euro chicks in red skirts do their thang headed by an insane-looking, ungainly, very tall blond chick who's "sexy" dance looks more like a crazed athletic aerobics workout. But don't worry-the indian chicks come on soon enough to show how it's really done.

5. Boliyaan from Aloo Chaat (Hindi)
Linda Arsenio again! Gotta love her "I'm so into the groove" arms and, again, belly-dancing-inspired moves. She looks out-of-place through the whole thing. Her solo is a little too reminiscent in spirit of her #1 song on this list. I bet all the aunties are cursing her under their breath...

6. Manmadha Leelai from Naan Avan Illai 2 (Tamil)
Once again shows that western girls can only do belly dance shimmies, ballet twirls, and gymnastics. Oh, and rapid butt-shaking. Though the look on the guy's face as all these beautiful women prance around him is priceless.

7. Ek Pal Ka Jeena from Kaho Naa Pyar Hai (Hindi)

Who is this lady, and is that really her real hair?

Play a little game of "Where's Waldo?" and try to find her many fabulous groovy appearances in the song:


  1. This is hilarious! Had me cracking up, lol

  2. I'm so embarrassed to be white right now. Excuse me while I go hide my dancing bells.

  3. I actually like Linda's amateur moves in "Yaari Singari". She's no dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but she seems to think she is, and that's what I find so entertaining. Plus, I love those stripper heels she's wearing. I believe those are the same ones she wore for her item number in Sorry...Enakku Kalyanam Ayiduchi.

  4. lol- I'm so glad you are all with me on this! :)

    lapetitediva - Oh I so agree! She just doesn't quite seem to get it. :) She probably didn't realize she's the only female dressed in a tiny choli in her Aloo Chaat song, either.

    *runs off to watch Sorry..Enakku Kalyanam Ayiduchi item number*

  5. Have you seen Goa yet? the Entire movie is full of embarrasing sequences with white women.


  6. rameshram- Hello! No, I haven't seen that- Do you mean the recently released Tamil film? If the whole *movie* is full of cringeworthy scenes I will definitely have to check it out! :) *off to find scenes/songs online*

  7. The movie is available online(unsubtitled, alas) Its a warner bros soundarya rajinikanth(yep, that rajinikanth) produced film by venkat prabhu with a killer premise.

    Three full grown boys (mid 20's) from a highly repressed Indian village break out and go to goa to find white women after they attend a wedding in madurai between a white chick and a tourist guide from Goa.

    hilarity ensues.

  8. There's a certain school of indian filmmaking with a glorious long tradition, which believes(and there's scholarship to back this ) that all you need to do to depict white women in cinema is to pick a chennai fair girl(approx. shakira's skin tone) and give her a hair straightening...and have her smile a whole lot.

    goa made me proud(tear). whe de real white women at?

  9. rameshram - that description makes me even more eager to see such a fabulous film! ;) Sounds stupidly entertaining. :D

  10. are you kidding its awesome! it just starts taking itself seriously when "black tight cutoff tees" sneha makes an appearance in the second half...which is a pity...


    don't miss the lovely blonde doing a midair split at the end of the trailer.

  12. LOL! The facial hair! And I thought I spied Sneha in that video. Looks fabulous. The end is channeling some serious Dil Chahta Hai.

  13. the dude with the biggest beard gets the white chick haha.I hope im not spoiling the film for you..

    DCH because it featured an extremely attractive goa too.

  14. btw is that you in the profile pic or shobana? ask bcz its a nice kalakshetra oil bath-ed brown hair..

  15. Hahaha, such a cute post! I wish I could say the same thing about Pan-Asians in songs :)

  16. Sorry I missed this post when it first came out, but thanks to this post by Louella's

    Do I know of any other you ask?! I head the international task force for gori extras in Indian Cinema.

    You may like these gorii posts. :)

    Thanks for you entertaining post. Help me keep watch!
    All the best!


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