Minai Proudly Presents: Allu Arjun Dance Extravaganza!

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Having recently purchased a fancy schmancy shiny new spiffy-videocard-filled laptop with groovy video-editing features, I figured I should start using some of its capabilities. It occurred to me yesterday that I have always had some kind of version of Windows Movie Maker on my computer, yet I've never used it. What is WRONG with me? It is so FUN!! I have just spent an unhealthy amount of time making an ALLU ARJUN FAN VIDEO! Yippee!

I present to you the fruits of my labors, an Allu Arjun Dance Extravaganza! I think Arjun is the most vivacious of the talented Tollywood dancers. He adds so much personality to his dancing and gets me all fangirly, every time. Dance clips are from Arya 2, Parugu, Desamuduru, Happy, Bunny, Arya, Gangotri, and Daddy (his first dance performance in films, ever).

Enjoy! I've saved the best for the last 40 seconds. :) (Edit: Original video has long been taken down, but it mysteriously keeps reemerging...)

I have no idea what any of the lyrics actually mean, but these songs were the best I could come up with in my hurried impatientness! My audio-mixing skillz are...subpar, and some of the clips are lower quality than the others because... *whisper*... I can't find my Desamuduru DVD and had to resort to online "sources"... ssssh!

The songs in the video, in order:

"Mahammari" from Ek Niranjan (Telugu)
"Ibn-E-Batuta (Nucleya Remix)" from Ishqiya (Hindi)
"Shiva Shambo" from Adhurs (Telugu)
"I Hate You" from Happy (Telugu)


  1. As Darth Vader once put it:

    "Impressive...most, impressive."

    I'll put it a little less elegantly:


  2. Brilliant!!this is the first time you've done this you say?!That boy can move. I love the part from 'he loves you' in Arya 2.

    Ishqiya song fitted perfectly also.

  3. WOW! Kudos ;) superb mix.
    Reminds me my rank of tolly actors as dancers :)

  4. LOVE YOU for making this. Seriously good stuff. Especially for somebody like me who isn't all that into Allu Arjun as an actor but as a dancer? Gimme more, more, more!

    So tempted to link this to some of my non-Indian film fan friends.

  5. I already told you how much I love this!! I'm telling you again :)

  6. whoa!! go Bunny Go!!! gotta love him!!.He is a great dancer and such a nice guy in real life.....AWESOME FANVID!!! THANKS

  7. 'unhealthy' amount of time well spent!

  8. Thank you to all for taking the time to comment! So glad you've enjoyed my labor of love. :D

    The more I watch the more I'm amused at how inadequate the background dancers are in comparison to Arjun. He's in the next universe with his dance skills. :)

  9. Wow! That was brilliant. Thanks for the fun! I must redouble my efforts to find these movies.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I had seen this in youtube and wondered who put it together :) Nice to know that it is your work... As a fellow dance lover and Allu Arjun fan, here's something new for you :)


  12. vedasri - I want that toothpaste! How did you find that ad?! Very fun! Allu Arjun + classical dance, so right up my alley of course. :) Happy to see my video is still tickling people almost 2 years later! Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you around again. ~Minai


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