Another Kamal Hassan "Classical" Dance in Sanam Teri Kasam

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
The 1982 Hindi film Sanam Teri Kasam went straight onto my never-ending "must find" list after I read on an online forum that Kamal Hassan's character was forced to dance Kuchipudi in a run-in with some hijras!  Turns out there's not much "classical" dance in the scene, but it's still quite entertaining. Especially Kamal's svelte midriff-baring getup which I think takes the cake even over his tight trousers in Nizhal Nijamakirathu.

Kamal's "classical" part starts at 1:15 if you want to skip straight to it.  I nominate Kamal for the best-bhangra-shoulders-ever!  Edit: I just learned that the song Kamal performs to, "Raghuvamsa Sudhambudhi Chandra," is apparently a very popular classical song!

So my hopes of adding Sanam Teri Kasam to the list of films (Nizhal Nijamagirathu, Sagara Sangamam, and Maro Charithra) that feature Kamal's classical dance talents have been dashed, but at least I've got a smile!


  1. Hi! Ah you know I keep looking at this DVD and putting it back in the cupboard. Maybe... But that's not really why I'm here - Did you see Mister Naidu has released another DVD compilation, this time of Padmini's Hindi song/dances? It looks like good quality (as I expect from these guys) and it has subtitles.

  2. Hi Temple - Yah, I'm not so sure I'd want to watch the whole thing either! ;) Thanks for the heads up about Mr. Naidu's latest DVD compilation! I'm a bit behind on my googlereader subscriptions and must get caught up soon- looks like a really nice collection.

  3. Kamal Hasan is a great actor and all the best to his feature projects.

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  4. Hi Minai! I love your blog, I'm learning a lot about classical dance from it.

    I think the other thing that's notable about his outfit in this dance is the SHOES... how did he do bhangra in such high heels? Very impressive.

  5. Hi Havai! Thanks for the kind words- I may not be able to impart much knowledge about authentic classical dance, but I can sure do my best with film classical dances! :)
    Yes, the shoes are really the icing on the cake- and he *works* them! ;)

  6. Hi Manai, please watch the K.Viwanath telugu film,
    kamal hassan Best film ever,
    I don't know ,have you seen it or not.
    if not please please watch this film.


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