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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Surely I’m not the only one who watched the male dancer matching steps with Shobana in “Oru Murai Vanthu” from Manichitrathazhu and wondered who he was and if he’d done any other film dances.  The rare male classical dancer in film- always a treat!  It wasn’t until I ran across a comment at Varnachitram that identified the dancer as the Kannada actor Sridhar that I finally had a name to search with!  I was off to the races. 

Turns out Shridhar was quite a popular actor back in the 80s and early 90s and apparently acted in over 60 films in five languages (majority Kannada).  From what I’ve seen and read about, most of his films were either of the silly variety or mythologicals with a few award-winning films in the mix such as Santha Shishunala Shareefa in which he won the best actor award in Karnataka.  He was apparently particularly beloved in his recurring roles as Lord Shiva and became a "household name" in Andhra Pradesh for his role in the Telugu serial Shivaleelalu.   He had formal training in Bharatanatyam as a teen and went into films after college.

In the mid 90s, Shridhar decided to focus on classical dance and largely gave up his successful film career (save roles like that in the recent Swarabhishekham).  He married a fellow dancer named Anuradha and the duo are still touring and choreographing today and sometimes even performing with their daughter who has also trained in classical dance.  Apparently they are known as the "first dance couple of Karnataka."  Sridhar established the Khechara Institute of Bharathanatyam, and he and his wife were recently chosen to be faculty at the “prestigious Natya Sangraham camp at Tamilnadu" which “puts the Shridhars in league with classical dance giants such as Kalanidhi Narayanan – the prima donna of abhinaya, Vyjayanthimala Bali, Chitra Visweswaran, and the Dhananjayans.”  The couples dance performances are well reviewed; here's a few of nice articles on them at The Hindu (and another) and the Deccan Herald.

On a more personal note, I found the following interchange from this article at The Hindu about classical dance couples very humorous.  Sridhar and Anuradha, after explaining how they met and married, are asked how they work together: "Answers Sridhar, “I take care of choreography and choice of pieces, with inputs from Anu, while she takes care of costumes.” Adds Anu, “Well, I also spend more time with our daughter and take care of our home.” That’s how they achieve their balance."  Balance? I would want to have more than "input" if I was performing dance as my profession and passion, but whatever floats their boat! :)  In any case, I find these classical dance couples adorable- such a perfect union of souls.

So anyway, I knew that there had to be more film dances of his out there in DVD land even though none of the online articles I’d read mentioned any of them other than Manichitrathazhu.  Luckily, I found a bunch of his films at (and had a great order experience by the way- review coming later) and two of them had him in dance poses on the cover!  I've listed below all his dances that I've tracked down or found online.

After watching his dances, I think that he's simply fantastic and probably my favorite of all the male classical dancers in Indian cinema.  He has a way of dancing with a grounded center and effortlessly executes his movements joyfully even when sped up for filmy purposes.  Graceful and flexible, he dances so beautifully and expressively while maintaining his masculinity.  Clearly his classical dance training (and work on abhinaya) allows him to the ability to go ridiculously overboard with facial expressions and mannerisms- a trait that works to a charming advantage in silly films like Manasa Veena that I've posted clips from below.  I find this so endearing, which is probably why he gets placed above Vineeth in my favorite male dancers list since I find Vineeth's facial expressions lacking at times.  Shridhar just seems like a nice guy.  And how can you not love his mop of hair back in the day!  It's unfortunate that he doesn't appear to have been given much scope for quality, extended dancing other than his cameo in Manichitrathazhu (and to a lesser extent his dance song in Manasa Veena below)And clearly he's up to the choreographical task given his claim that he and Shobana choreographed "Oru Murai Vanthu" song themselves!

The List:

Manasa Veena (Kannada, 1996)
– Not only is Sridhar on the DVD cover in a dance pose, but also this entire film revolves around his character as a classical dancer!  Superb find!

Song (Unknown) – This is my favorite film dance of Sridhar’s after Manichitrathazhu.  He is incredibly crisp and fast in the way he dances and has such a presence.  I thoroughly enjoy watching him, and he clearly enjoys dancing. It's wonderful!  The song also has the added side bonus of having ample faux-Veena playing by the heroine!

Here is the first 12 minutes of the film, which I’ve posted in its entirety because it is completely delightful.  First is the credit sequence which features images of Sridhar in dance pose along with some short dance clips; next is the introduction of Sridhar’s character who is oblivious to his surroundings on a public bus as he practices expressions (2:02); soon after is a short sequence of him dancing outside (4:08); then later is an adorable scene in which Sridhar imitates through dance the movements of a woman getting water from a well (8:55); and finally don’t miss the yoga scene where Sridhar gets himself into an embarrassing situation in front of his love interest (9:55).  It’s all so silly, and Sridhar has the most goofy expressions throughout.  I’ve been won over!  Cutest film ever!

Here's an interesting scene where Sridhar appears to be performing the “navarasas” (nine emotions) of Bharatanatyam in front of a man who’s nearing his end.  Aren’t some of his facial expressions completely over the top?  If you actually watch much of his acting in the film, it’s clear that his expressive skills have allowed him to completely inhabit silly characters like these. I really wish I had subtitles on this one as I’m not sure what the monkey dance at the end is about.

Last, a fight scene with dance battle imagery mixed in!  Sort of reminds me of dances from Kerala.  Sridhar saves the day, yay!  Well, until the end, that is...

Manadhil Urudhi Vendum (Tamil, 1987) – According to this article at The Hindu, Sridhar landed his dance role in Manichitrathazhu based on director Fazil seeing his work in Manathil Urudi Vendum and also Shobana giving a nudging recommendation.  Not surprising given the two songs below in which he dances with Suhasini (she can dance?!).

Sangatamizh Kaviyae

Kanna Varuvaaya

Tandav Dance - Added March 2013 - I missed this awesome and fierce Tandav dance by Sridhar following a scene where Suhasini rejects his gift of flowers. Thanks Ragothaman for the suggestion!

Starts 1:43:55

Shabarimalai Swamy Ayyappa (Kannada, 1990) – An example of Sridhar’s famed roles as Shiva, here he performs a tandav dance as Shiva with Parvati (I think). He’s brimming with understated energy when he dances, and check out the knee spins at 1:28! Wish the female dancer could have been better...

Another song from the same film filled with lots of Sringara. He gets much more dance time in the second half of the clip. Again, a more skilled female counterpart would have made this all the more enjoyable.
Start 1:20

And that brings the list to a close.  Unfortunate since I was hoping to have a bajillion songs as usual to clutter my post with, but I haven't been able to find any more!  He does have a character role in K. Vishwanath's Swarabhishekham, but the dance song he's in only has him performing some unidentifiable moves for such a short time that it's completely wasted.  I also excitedly read that he played a Bharathanatyam dancer in the recently-released Kalgejje, but a classical dance song I watched from the film has him just walking around and singing, so clearly a missed opportunity there!  But hopefully I've been successful in spreading the Sridhar love to those who may not know of him. :)

Last, in a really strange coincidence, the male actor who danced Bharatanatyam in the Manichitrathazhu remake Apthamitra is also named Sridhar!  Well, Sridhar Jain to be exact, and he is also a Bharatanatyam exponent and also from Karnataka.  So Sridhar's role in the Kannada remake was done by...Sridhar!  Weird!  More info on him at The Hindu.


  1. I am not as knowledgable or observant of classical Indian dances as you are, but I find that the rare classical dances by men are always memorable. And sometimes (as in Sridhar's case) for all the right reasons! I have added a couple of these films to my list of things to look for. On an unrelated note, I really have to thank you so much for the Padmini and MGR dance-off - It has me in fits of laughter every time I watch it :)

  2. Hi Temple - Glad that you enjoyed Sridhar's dances! Manasa Veena looks to be a very entertaining film, but I've heard that Manathil Urudhi Vendum might be quite sad if I remember correctly. And the Padmini MGR dance-off is great isn't it! Got to give MGR kudos for his attempt. :) Cheers!

  3. Nice to see your comments on the song from Manadhil Urudhi Vendum. I was quite enamored with that Sangatamizh Kaviyae song as a kid (yeah, I was not a very 'cool' kid :P). And no, I don't believe Suhasini is a trained dancer.

  4. Hello prasanth - That's interesting that you liked that song as a child! I didn't mention it in my review, but the more I listen to that song the more I love it- it's very melodic. I was surprised to see Suhasini dancing in any form at all, because she has always struck me as a more "low energy," quiet kind of person- it was nice to see her in a different role!

  5. Thank you very much for this great introduction to Sridhar, of whom I was indeed unaware. A great addition to your collection of dance videos.

    I haven't gone through your entire blog, but have you run into a TV series called "Nupur", starring Hema Malini? If I recall, it was a nine part series about a classical dancer, and during the course of the episodes, she learns various styles of dance. I don't think you can find it online (though you never know), but it is readily available for purchase or rent from the usual Hindi movie sources. I think you might enjoy seeing it. (It might even have subtitles.)

  6. mm - hello! (is this wannabe?) Happy to hear you enjoyed the post, especially since I've successfully shared the Sridhar love to another person! :) Yes, I have heard about Hema's Noopur series! But I've had the hardest time tracking it down. There are a few clips posted on youtube, but I haven't been able to find a DVD anywhere. Nehaflix carries it but is out of stock (I even emailed them and whined about it). Do you know of any other sources that sell it? All my usuals have come up dry. :)

    I'm so happy to hear you mention that! I also ran into a few "Women of India" tv serials she did that also contain dance scenes. I found them posted in their entirety online, such as the Amrapali one here: A very nice find as well. Thanks so much for your comment, hope to see you around again soon! :D

  7. Hey wannabe!

    ramesh here!(chandranc)

    drop me a line . Im around your neck of the woods . say hi to your son and grandson! how's his Iphone app store thing going?


  8. Hello,
    I stumbled upon your blog (and I am glad i did) quite by chance. I saw your post on the Navarasa act by Sridhar and your comment that you do not understand the language. Hope this helps

    Dying man (who is Sridhar's father in the movie) - A true artist is one performs irrespective of the situation (one who can suppress his/her feelings). I am very eager to see how you will perform abroad, please show me your performance once. But then, don't do it if you don't feel up to it.
    Sridhar - No father, i will perform.
    (And displays 6 rasas)
    So when he cries during 'Haasya' his father admonishes him, 'an artist showing Haasya rasa does not cry! Do it correctly'.
    So Sridhar acts like a monkey and then as the person who is amused on watching the antics of the monkey.

    Thank you for a beautiful blog.

    Hamilton, Canada
    (Somehow my google id doesnt seem to be working here, hence the anonymous comment!)

  9. Hello Abhishek - Thank you very much for your comment and the explanation about the navarasas scene. I'm surprised that I managed to start the clip at just the right time considering your translation above- I had no idea what they were saying- lucky guess! :) The translation makes the scene all that more poignant.

  10. Lekshmidevi ChandranApril 3, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    Ever since I watched 'manichitrathazu'I had this craving to watch more of Sridhar's performances.It's quite by chance I saw your blog. Thank you very much.His dances are real feast to our eyes. I just adore him. Where can I find those movies?
    Devi Chandran

  11. Lekshmidevi - See, I knew there were others out there who wondered about the dancer in Manichitrathazu! :) You can find all of the Kannada movies I posted about at (which I recommend), and Manadhil Urudhi Vendum is probably available at (long shipping times but a good site). Glad you enjoyed the post.


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