Natyacharya: An Upcoming Bharatanatyam Documentary

Saturday, October 22, 2011
A while back, I happened upon this gorgeous slow-motion video of a solo Bharatanatyam dancer on YouTube and was completely mesmerized.

Isn't it stunning? I can't take my eyes off of her.  For a while I had a difficult time finding more information on where this "teaser" video was from (and I made a couple silly YouTube comments). Now I've got all the details.

The video is from an in-production documentary called "Natyacharya" and based on the life of Guru M.R. Krishnamurthy who studied under Rukmini Devi and then taught at Kalakshetra and later formed his own dance school Kalakshiti (The Hindu).  The documentary is being created entirely by DCAM Production Studios, and they now have a short trailer posted on their website which I've embedded below.  Clearly the cinematographic skills of the teaser are continued throughout the documentary as evidenced by the creative camera angles and varied focus.  It looks so pretty!

M.R. Krishnamurthy is a rather adorable elderly man, and from looking at some of the stills it appears he dances in the film himself.  I'm guessing that the woman in the teaser is one of his students at the dance school, and the stills give me the impression that other students dance in the documentary as well.

It's hard to find any updates on the film as DCAM's blog and Twitter page haven't been updated since January.  But given the sumptuous shots and a subject matter of Indian Classical Dance, the documentary looks to be a must watch!


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