New Kamala Film Dance Finds! Manohara and Maalayitta Mangai!

Friday, February 24, 2012
While browsing through the rare uploads of YouTubers and Padmasomu, I found two new Kamala dances from 1950s Tamil films that I've never seen before and I suspect most Kamala fans probably haven't either!  Roll the dances!

Manohara (Tamil, 1954) - "Ravoyi" - While this melodic number is nicely filmed (I love the artistic overhead shot and how Kamala seems to be "floating" on the set at times), Kamala doesn't get to utilize her complex dance talents much (except for a teensy bit at the end) but shows off some graceful snakelike arms and is all smiles throughout.  The crisp, black and white print is lovely!  Apparently "Ravoyi" means "Please Come" in Telugu, so this video must be from the Telugu dub of the Tamil original. 

Maalayitta Mangai (Tamil, 1958) - "Innaadum In Mozhiyum En Annai" - While the print is too light and it's hard to make out Kamala's face at times, I have no doubt of her identity because it is all too obvious once she starts the moderately faster dancing around 1:06.  The kamala passion is clear!  I can't help but wish she had more pure dance here, but the point of the song is clearly the lyrics that she is enacting (the title means something like "my land and my language are my mother," so it must be a patriotic number).  Note: The uploader spells the film name Maalaiyidda Manghkai, and it is alternatively spelled Maalai Itta Mangai

Maalayitta Mangai (Tamil, 1958) - "Annaiyin Naattai Paghaivargall" - This song starts out with such promise!  Just when I thought it was going to be a Sivangangai Seemai-like number of passionate dance, the song quickly turns to a Kamala-singing-to-young-boy song with no dance!  But it's quite entertaining- the boy looks completely befuddled by what he is supposed to be doing and what is going on.  Maybe he woke up from a nap right before they started filming. :D 


  1. Perhaps you have seen this one before.

  2. ALL HAIL CRAM!!!! That's Kamala's dance from Ore Iravu! I've never seen it before. In fact, that film was one of the ones I listed at the end of this Kamala post as a film I had read she danced in but had a hard time finding. And now you've found it! ALL HAIL THE FABULOUS CRAM! Will post about this soon. :)


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